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This week’s sketch – another experiment using metal point. If you are like me, hunkered down for weeks because it’s too dang cold to breathe outside and you’re going stir crazy with tedium — this one’s for you.

Honestly, what makes seagulls all stand together, out in the open, with ungodly wind chills, on a snow-covered icy lake? These guys look like they’re waiting for a food truck to pull up. Or the ice to crack open and fish will start leaping out and into their mouths. I’m amused by their stance and expressions which seem to say “We know how you feel.” At least I’m inside staying warm with way too much to eat.

I’m in awe how birds manage to survive unbearably fridge winter temperatures. It’s got to be one of their superpowers. Still, I’m a little worried about our three wild turkeys. They haven’t shown up in our yard for days.

Which brings me to National Geographic’s 2018 project “Year of the Bird.” This marks the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the most powerful and important bird-protection law ever passed. I could not be more thrilled. In celebration, you’ll be seeing a lot more bird drawings and illustrations coming from me throughout the year to #birdyourworld.

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