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BIRD came as a birthday present from my Dad. He knows my love of birds and of the studies, drawings, watercolors, and pastels I’ve done of birds and how much I enjoy minimalist life art forms.

But then BIRD came with an idea. One of my favorite things in the world to make is little picture books. I’ve been doing this since I was five and it’s just something that gives me joy (and giggles) like no other art form.

Fortunately, there are others who enjoy these little volumes as much as I do and have given a few as presents.Then there are others who think I have too much time on my hands. (Which is so not true!)

Here are cover views and some sample spreads from BIRD. I play the role of artist, writer, and designer for this personal project. To put it together I did Japanese Stab Binding with tools I bought at Open Book in downtown Minneapolis. BIRD is set in Nexa Rust Sans and the text is set in Baskerville, an old-fashioned storybook typeface. I chose the typeface for BIRD to mirror his solid form.

Front cover of BIRD. Completed book with industrial black tape binding. 

PRAISE FOR BIRD – Back cover. The quotes, of course, are pure fiction.
But it would be really cool to get Kerri Miller’s take on BIRD.

When I started out taking photos of BIRD, I had no idea for a storyline, a plot or turning it into a little book. Then things magically fell into place. Notice the long shadow BIRD casts. 

Not sure how BIRD keeps tea from getting up his nose, but he seems to manage. The mug was a gift – it has our family crest from my Dad’s side of the family.

Yes, we have a hysterical chicken teapot given as a Christmas present one year. Everything for the book was shot on location, i.e. around our house.

Live is not complete (or calm) without a Buddha Frog. Buddha Frog was a gift from my brother from his travels in Japan.

The silliness continues — the bowl with pears was a pottery piece by my step-son. He’s really good at throwing pots.

Of course, no tale is complete without a bit of tension. There is more to the story than can be shown here.

I have a sequel in mind – written out, in fact — “BIRD Wants A Job.” It will take a few props outside our house. If you know of anyone who has a sports car (preferably in red) that wouldn’t mind having a couple of shots taken with BIRD on the hood (no license plate numbers revealed!) I would be very, very grateful. Let me know in the comments or shoot a note here.

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