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Sketching is play. While it’s an essential part of practicing art, there is something so freeing just putting marks down on paper and focusing on what you are looking at and how your eye feels it. More energy can be found in sketches than a finished composed piece – it’s like looking at a thought process without the anxiety of getting it just right.

This week’s subject: Wild turkeys. We are lucky to have a trio (a tom and two hens) who make visiting our yard a daily habit, wondering the lawn looking for food. They’re surprisingly bold, walking up onto our patio and peeking in our windows. Seeing them up close is a treat – they are really quite impressive in an odd big bird sort of way. If they continue to show up, I just may have to name them.

On the subject of sketching: It can have a lot of purposes besides play and practice. Sometimes we just don’t have the space or materials on hand but still need to make art. That was the case for sculptor artist Henry Moore. He made the most of his situation and drew sheep. If travel keeps you from your studio – pack a sketchbook along with your toothbrush.

What do you think about sketching? Worthwhile or a complete waste of time? Is it the Doodle’s Evil Twin? Do you make sketching a frequent part of your art practice? Have other points of view?  Just jot your sketchy thoughts the comments.

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