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It’s cold here. And getting colder. Christmas is around the corner and instead of tinsel, I want tropics. I have been to the Big Island between Christmas and New Years and seeing Santas and Christmas decorations in such warm climes is a little odd at first but why not — I always love a well-done display of twinkly lights.

For those of you who would rather romp in the ocean waves instead of wearing layers of woolies, here’s one from my traveler’s sketchbook. This bamboo stand is located at Waipio Wayside B&B Inn on the Big Island. There are several impressive stands of bamboo on this historical 1932 plantation spread. With so much color and so many things to draw and paint — it’s a challenge for me as I lean toward creating space with black and white contrasts much like our monochromatic midwest winter landscape. Thank heavens for twinkly lights!

Happy holidays everyone! And think warm thoughts.

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