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For some time now, I have been (as Grand Ciel Design) working on a number of projects for Blue Thumb – a local nonprofit dedicated to planting for clean water that gives anyone with a yard, a gardening passion or passionate for protecting the environment help address the number one threat to our Minnesota waterways. Native plants with their extraordinarily long root systems filter dirty water runoff, feed our precious pollinators and stabilize shorelines. When people plant for clean water they pretty much triple the benefits for our local ecosystems.

So today, I’m developing a series of social memes for Blue Thumb to promote their upcoming “Dig In” Partner Recognition Event and I was in search for a “bee” photo I knew I had on my computer – but where – which folder? I did a search and this watercolor I did years ago popped up. (“Bee on Cornflower” watercolor was given to my Dad. He had sent me a photo of it after framing it). Funny, I did this piece way before I got involved working with environmental clients, way before I knew pollinators were at risk and way, way before I knew dirty water runoff was reeking havoc with our lakes, rivers, and streams.

Serendipitous? A coincidence? Perhaps I should pay more attention to the subject matter I draw, paint and etch. It could be predicting my future.

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