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Friends and colleagues all asked me if my artwork had been influenced by my whirlwind trip through Japan late last year. I think my answer disappointed them. To travel that far to a foreign country known for its art, I had to have been influenced! Truth is, I have always had a love affair with Japanese aesthetics but I have to be true to my own vision. For one, I’m not Japanese. Second, place and space are very important to me and to be authentic in my work I need to focus on what I know in my heart. It’s why Native Minnesota Wild Spaces, birds and other life are central to my work.

Not that I can’t veer off now and then. Because trees have been an ongoing subject I didn’t feel dishonest capturing this Persimmon Tree from Gujo Hachiman, Japan. What these trees lack in balanced beauty, they make up for it in fruit. These trees produce a lot of fruit. Fun fact – there are 163 (give or take) persimmons in this watercolor.

Persimmon Tree Gujo Hachiman Japan

Gujo Hachiman where I took the photo of this Persimmon Tree growing in an alleyway. Its fruit was a bright contrast to a misty cool early November day.

Persimmon Tree Original Watercolor Painting © Kristin Maija Peterson

And here’s the complete watercolor (with graphite pencil overlay on trunk and branches) that the above photo inspired. I omitted the busy background to focus on the tree itself. With its branches stretched up and out with fruit swinging everywhere, it gives the tree a sense of movement, like a dancer. Did I mention there are approximately 163 persimmons in this painting?

It’s For Sale!

Here’s are the stats:
Medium: Original watercolor + graphite pencil
Size: 20.5” wide x 11.5” high (UNFRAMED)
Paper: Premium 300lb Fabriano hot press, acid-free
Price: $750.00 (UNFRAMED)
Shipping: Available
Interested? Contact me

Persimmon Tree Watercolor Frame Mockup


Even though this piece is being sold unframed (this gives the opportunity to select a frame that matches your own place and space – but suggest a frame that is clean, simple and natural) I’m showing an example of how it might look once Persimmon Tree is framed.

About Gujo Hachiman

This is one of my favorite places I visited in Japan. Gujo Hachiman is also called the “Water City” and for good reason. The streets and alleyways have running water canals filled with massively large koi outweighing the smaller river trout. The Yoshida River and Kodara River also run through Gujo Hachiman. What is most iconic about this place is its white feudal castle that overlooks the town and surrounding valley. It seems to always be surrounded by mist. Gujo Hachiman is very much a place where the traditional way of life that has changed little over the years. It’s also fabulous for walking – Gujo Hachiman is best experienced on foot – great for taking lots of photos!

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