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About the Artist

Thicket No. 2  I Watercolor + Graphite Pencil 2017

While growing up west central Minnesota, I pretty much drew on every piece of paper I could lay my hands on. Little story books bound by staples, I would fill pages with my imagination and illustrations and have my parents write in the story that I dictated before I got a handle on writing words on my own. Spelling, of course, has never a strong suit.

My earliest memories are about looking — really looking at the world around me and wanting to get it all down on paper. It’s the small, lovely hidden gems I want to expose – the under curve of a leaf, the shapes native flowers take on after a frost, the ornate structure of thickets, the patterns found in insects and seed heads.

I am a beauty hunter.
Drawn to the complexity and rich details found in Nature, I strive to show a world within a world worth exploring and protecting.