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Or should it read “Red Fish. Blue Fish?”
And who wasn’t raised on Dr. Seuss rhymes? I know I was. My brother and I use to torture the baby sitter by having her read “Cat In the Hat” and “Cat In the Hat Comes Back” over and over and over again. But what I really appreciate about Theodor Seuss Geisel now that I’m all grown up, is that in his way, Dr. Seuss was an environmentalist. A number of his stories are tales of the troubles that can happen when not respecting the natural world and what we should do about it.

But back to fishes. A while back I did a number of small fish studies as I had not painted little fishes in quite some time and I thought I would be a good way to play with my (then new) tray of cake watercolors. Watercolor cakes are surprisingly lovely to work with. I usually work with Winsor & Newton Artists’ Water Colour.

watercolor of two blue small herring fish swiming in opposite directionsYIN & YANG BLUE HERRING © Kristin Maija Peterson
Grumpy tough looking little guys. Or just stiff upper lips.watercolor two red pink small herring fish swimming in opposite directions like yin yangYIN & YANG RED HERRING © Kristin Maija Peterson
Actually, these little fishes are a bit on the pink side, but tell them that.

If you like either of these little fishes you can get Gallery quality Giclée prints
of the BLUE HERRING here and the RED HERRING here.

My now slightly used tray of watercolor cakes — sort of impulsive, but inexpensive purchase from Michael’s.
More about the Frog later.

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