Recording nature. Coaxing new perspectives.

MILKWEED / Colored pencil on paper

Milkweed dreams of resurrection and spring
Sage greens move with soft pinks
a monarch’s nursery once again.

AS A TRADITIONAL (VISUAL) and digital artist, I work with watercolor, ink, pastels, typography and in the book arts. My style ranges from interpretative realism to illustrative whimsy. Whatever I create there is a story behind it, either real or slightly made up.

I’m very much about place and space and like to put down on paper the odd, abstract details and quiet bits of architecture I find in nature — the textures, shadows, and light I don’t think gets seen by most or aren’t necessarily appreciated. But I look at these spaces, like dried milkweed and thickets as shelter, structures that support life and offer protection. It’s why in my recent Thicket series, I’ve added a caterpillar, grasshoppers or a rabbit to these spaces to say there is more going on here than you think.

I work in a variety of styles. One is a detailed interpretation, another is to represent subjects in a minimalist form with just enough to create its shape and character. The third is a whimsical style with a “wink and nod” sense of humor that friends know as mine.

First Name Signature
Kristin Maija Peterson